For though we have never yet seen God, when we love each other God lives in us and His love with us grows ever stronger.  I John 4:12

About NSPC

What We Believe

  •  We believe that Jesus Christ alone is Lord of all and the way to salvation.
  •  We believe The Holy Scripture is the revealed Word of the triune God and the Church’s only rule of faith  and life.
  •  We believe that God’s people are called to holiness in all aspects of life.
Our Vision
To know Jesus Christ and make Him known
Our Mission
North Sewickley Presbyterian Church is a caring family, sharing the love of Jesus Christ with families of all shapes and sizes.  Like the mighty oak tree our first members gathered under to worship,  we are:
  •  Rooted deeply in Christ and His Word;
  •  Growing in faith and love;
  •  Connecting to God and one another;
  •  Branching out through the power of the Holy Spirit to offer new people new life in Christ.

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